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Erfindungsmeldung an die Universität Innsbruck 10.06.2010
Erfinder Robert Klar, Markus Aufleger
Deutsche Patentanmeldung, Prioritätsdatum 28.02.2011
Amtliches Aktenzeichen 10 2011 012 594.9
PCT Anmeldung 28.02.2012
Patentverwertung & Patentbetreuung transidee

The Buoyant Energy concept was developed and validated within the scope of theoretical studies and some first numerical models. The results have been presented and discussed at some national and international conferences1 ,2 ,3 ,4 and made public by means of the Buoyant Energy concept website. According to the definitions of the technology readiness levels (TRL) Buoyant Energy has currently the status TRL 2. The technology concept is formulated but there is no experimental proof of concept (which would be TRL 3).

The scientific basis of the idea floating hydraulic energy storage is the subject of an international patent application (PCT/EP2012/053276, priority date 28th February 2011, international filling date 28th February 2012). The International Searching Authority (EPO European Patent Office) has already determined the novelty, the inventive step and the industrial applicability of all claims dated on 26th April 2012. In a subsequent process, a European patent grant is likely. The official status of the patent “Hydraulic Energy Storage”5 ,6 is: applied for but not yet granted.

1 Klar et al. 2011: Hydraulische Großenergiespeicher. 2. Workshop “Energiespeicher als Schlüsseltechnologie für erneuerbare Energie”, Graz

2 Klar et. al. 2012: BuoyantEnergy – Dezentrale Energiespeicherung im europäischen Kraftwerkspark. Symposium Energieinnovation, Graz

3 Aufleger et al. 2012: New Approaches for Water as Energy Storage. IAHR 2012 Munich

4 Neisch et al. 2013: Development of Hydraulic Energy Storage Systems for Dezentraliced Applications. Hydro 2013 Innsbruck

5 International application published by the World Intelectual Property Organization: WO 2012/116956 (Art. 153(3) EPC)

6 Google Patents: WIPO Patent Application WO 2012/116956 HYDRAULIC ENERGY STORAGE


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